While bariatric or weight loss surgery has become a reasonable and effective option for the treatment of obesity, there is still some confusion about the types of surgery that are available. Contrary to what many people believe, there is more than one type of weight loss surgery, at LIMARP we offer six different types of surgery for obesity, each with its special surgical technique; one of the most popular ones being the gastric bypass.

At LIMARP Center of Excellence in Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, the patient’s experience begins with a comprehensive and specialized diagnosis in which his or her complete clinical history is evaluated; this allows us to recommend the best possible option for the patient’s condition and goals.


Dr. Liza María Pompa, our founder and head surgeon, revises every case personally and along with her expert staff, designs the best possible plan for each individual patient.

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The gastric bypass procedure is both a restrictive and malabsorptive surgery. The technique used is known as gastric bypass “Roux-en-Y” which separates a large portion of the stomach. The part of the stomach that holds food is left with an approximate capacity of 20ml, so the amount of food that the patient can ingest is very limited.

After the reduction, the lower part of the intestine is attached to the small stomach pouch that was made to receive food. This procedure reduces the intestinal surface of absorption. The large portion of the stomach that was separated is followed by the portion of the intestine called the duodenum; this is attached to the part of the intestine that receives food at a lower point. 

Gastric bypass surgery:

  • Has a high level of success
  • It offers a weight loss of more than 85%
  • Solves comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia


Some of the benefits this type of bariatric surgery offers are:


Has a high level of success


It offers a weight loss of more than 85%


Solves comorbidities such as diabetes, hypertension and dyslipidemia

The automatic portion control the surgery provides is one of its main advantages but because the small intestine is bypassed, calories are not absorbed into the body in an effective manner. This malabsorption of calories creates a second mechanism for weight loss but may also create nutritional deficiencies, making supplementation and healthy eating choices essential for achieving weight loss and lifestyle goals. 

Bariatric surgery like the gastric bypass is undoubtedly an amazing 
opportunity for you to reverse obesity and most of the related 
diseases that make it so dangerous.

After surgery, your LIMARP doctors will provide you with specific instructions on what to eat during the all-important post-surgery phase. During the first month, your stomach will only tolerate small amounts of liquids and soft foods. Your eating plan will include specific phases in which you will make small changes in the type of foods you eat and how you prepare them, this will not only help you heal perfectly from surgery, it will also help to completely cleanse your palate. 

Little by little, you will be able to eat solid food, but you will have to chew it thoroughly and stop eating the moment you feel comfortably full. Failure to follow these two simple steps can cause discomfort, nausea and even vomiting. LIMARP has designed a comprehensive care model for the obese patient that includes detailed instructions and support during every phase of your journey; we know for a fact that this has made a huge difference to each and every one of our patients. 

At LIMARP International Center of Excellence, all surgery for obesity is performed using the most advanced laparoscopic techniques and within the framework of our integrative care model for the obese patient; which begins at the very moment our patients come through our door for the first time. To find out more about your weight loss surgery options fill out our contact form now. 


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The success stories of our patients are the fuel that keeps us going! They are a never ending source of inspiration and our entire staff loves to hear about their achievements, milestones and everyday victories!

 Our patient Beverly shared this with us recently:

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As Dr. Liza María Pompa says, weight loss surgery is not a miracle, even if you might feel it is! If you start to overeat (despite the discomfort it will surely cause), your stomach might stretch and recover some of its former capacity, which significantly reduces the benefits of the surgery and opens the door to weight gain. 

 Gastric bypass surgery is a major procedure and for it to be completely successful it must be part of a comprehensive program that includes a solid meal plan with adequate amounts of macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbohydrates) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and the full support of a multidisciplinary bariatric team. As part of our effort to provide patients with the best possible care, Dr. Pompa has designed the LIMARP bariatric supplement line which includes special vitamins and protein powders that will enhance your weight loss and help keep you healthy and energetic. 

Gastric bypass surgery is a major procedure and for it to be completely
successful it must be part of a comprehensive program.

Anyone that labels bariatric surgery as some kind of magic bullet is doing a disservice to the thousands of people who have made a life-long commitment to live a healthy, active life with the help of a weight loss procedure. Bariatric surgery is undoubtedly an amazing opportunity for you to reverse obesity and most of the related diseases that make it so dangerous, but it has to be part of a comprehensive care model such as the one designed exclusively for LIMARP patients by Dr. Liza María Pompa and her expert staff. 

Our comprehensive care model includes the support of:


Highly skilled surgical, medical and nursing staff  


Bariatric psychologists




Fitness experts


Live and/or social network support groups 


A complete and comprehensive follow-up program

To find out if you are a candidate for gastric bypass, fill out our contact form now. 

“Bariatric surgery is undoubtedly an amazing opportunity
for you to reverse obesity and most of the related diseases 
that make it so dangerous, but it has to be part of a comprehensive 
care model such as the one designed exclusively for LIMARP patients.” 

– Dr. Liza María Pompa, FACS 


For patients that meet the medical criteria for having gastric bypass surgery, this will be the procedure that will help them achieve the long term weight loss they are looking for, but for some it might be the second step in a wider process that may have included a previous surgical procedure. This is something that only a trained medical team such as the one headed by Dr. Liza María Pompa at LIMARP International Center of Excellence can determine.

As we mentioned before, gastric bypass procedure is major surgery, and although medical advances and surgical techniques have made it safer and more viable, it must be performed by a highly trained medical staff within the best possible facilities. To find out more about how LIMARP International Center of Excellence for Obesity can do for you, fill out our contact form now.


Many doctors are very conservative when it comes to recommending weight loss surgery. Understandably, they worry about the risks of surgery, the efficiency of the procedure and the skill of the surgeon. But I believe that as physicians we have to have our patient’s best interests in mind and from that perspective ponder the risks and benefits of any given procedure. 

Exercise is very important for weight loss, in fact I consider it an essential part of any wellness plan, but in terms of weight loss it is only 30% of the formula; the rest is in the way we eat. For you to successfully lose the weight that may be threatening your health you must engage in a solid plan that puts an end to your struggles with weight. A comprehensive bariatric program implemented by a certified, expert, team that includes surgery, nutritional counseling and an appropriate exercise program will give you just that. 

The success rate of weight loss surgery is increasing year by year and the comprehensive care provided by an International Center of Excellence such as LIMARP, will put you in the best possible position to change your life for the better while distancing yourself in a prompt manner from the very real threats obesity and overweight place on your health. Soon your primary care physician will be celebrating your achievements and relieved to have you solidly grounded on the other side of the dangerous statistics of North American obesity. 

So talk to your doctor today and provide him or her with the link to this website and our phone number for Canadians (306) 500-6618 We are always eager to talk to our patients’ primary care provider and will happily answer any and all of his or her questions. 

-Dr. Liza María Pompa, FACS 


For a process like a gastric bypass, or any type of weight loss surgery, you must be very careful about choosing your bariatric surgeon. LIMARP International Center of Excellence does not operate as an assembly line! -Here patients have the opportunity to talk about their case one on one directly with Dr. Liza María Pompa, addressing their doubts and fears openly, no matter how large or small they might be. Understanding the type of surgery you will have is essential for you to be in the ideal frame of mind to be a proactive patient, our multidisciplinary team will always provide you with warm, sincere and professional answers! 

If you know you have to lose weight to improve your health and want to know if you are a candidate for bariatric surgery, do not hesitate to call us. For a free evaluation call LIMARP International Center of Excellence for Obesity at (306) 500-6618 or fill out a contact.


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